Visual Inspection Standard for Vinyl graphic Installation and Wall Decals

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A vinyl graphic installation can be a thing of beauty when done well, but what does “done well” mean? We would like to provide you with some guidelines to help sort out what is acceptable and what is not, to help clients understand industry standards, and to have something to discuss in case something goes wrong.


  • It should be noted that unless the substrate underneath the installation is very smooth (as close to level 5 finish as possible),  texture or faults in the drywall may be visible through the wall covering if the wall has not been prepared correctly prior to the installation.
  • Walls with applied film should be viewed at right angles to the installation surface, at a distance of not less than 6 feet (2 meters). Viewing shall be carried out in natural daylight or final occupancy light, not under direct or focused light, and shall assess the normal vision area, typically from 2 feet – 8 feet.
  • The installation shall be deemed acceptable if all of the following are not obvious in the normal viewing area (some items will be more noticeable during the curing period should be disregarded untill the graphic has had time to cure): Dirt particles, hair and fibers, adhesive gels, fingerprints, air bubbles, scores and scratches, film distortion, creases, edge lift, nicks and tears.
  • Edges are to be trimmed straight, flush, and are free of nicks or wrinkles. Edges may be trimmed back from an inside corner to ensure the film edge is not contacting an uneven portion in the wall transition. Contact with an uneven portion could lead to peeling of the film.  Also the graphic must not touch silicone, so in the case where silicone is used, the material may need to be cut back.
  • Splicing of film panels is necessary for large mural applications. The splice line and overlap between the film panels should not be viewed as a defect. This line should be straight and should be parallel to one edge of the viewing frame boundary. Overlaps between film panels should not exceed 1.0 inch (25 mm).

It is important that everyone is happy with the results, however thinking that a wall graphic installation will hide imperfections is wrong, and in fact in some cases may result in a more noticable flaw in certain circumstances.  In order to understand more in your role in helping to create a proper surface for best results in preparing for a mural installation, visit our post Installing Vinyl Murals – How To Prepare Your Space

Vinyl Graphic Installation

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