Installing Vinyl Murals - How to prepare your Space

Vinyl Wall Mural Installation
Installing vinyl murals are a great way to add personality to any room.  If you have never prepared a space for proper installation, then the process can be a bit daunting.  There are a variety of decal materials available ranging from low tac (changeable) adhesive vinyls all the way up to permanent adhesive vinyl wraps that can be permanent and last upwards of 10 or more years.  The steps to successfully installing range a bit from material to material, but overall there are some best tips to ensure that you get the best results.

Here are a list of do’s and don’ts that should get you off on the right foot.

Paint Surfaces with Water based semi gloss Paints

Wall paint is one of the most important factors when installing vinyl wall murals. In order to get the best results, we recommend priming then using a semi-gloss latex-based paint. Wall paint that has a matte, flat or eggshell finish have a rough dusty finish, which can make it difficult for the vinyl to stick and can cause failure. Some new paints have a silicone base to ease with cleaning, however this can cause disasters when trying to adhere the vinyl to the painted surface. Also make sure the wall is in good condition, don’t paint over peeling or cracking paint.

Prior to preparing vinyl, please include photos and/or a description of the wall surface texture and how it has been painted. This allows us to recommend the best vinyl material for your wall.

If you’re unsure about how vinyl will adhere to your painted surface contact us and we can make recommendations or swing by and conducts a vinyl adhesion test kit.

Installing Vinyl Decals
Installing Viny Murals

Think Blemishes will be Hidden by Vinyl

Any surface blemishes such as cracks, paint runs, dents and holes are almost always visible beneath vinyl murals.  If you use a gloss finish laminate, it can even highlight blemishes that you didn’t even know were there.  We take steps to look for blemishes, but at this point it is too late to make any significant changes.  You should prepare your walls to a Level 5 finish.  These extra steps will ensure that your mural looks its best, and will last.

Measure Twice before you produce

Walls may look square, but rarely are.  Take measurements at the top, middle and bottom to ensure that the mural is wide enough, then do the same when measuring the height.  When determining the size, remember that you should use the largest size and then add at least an inch.  This will ensure that we have some wiggle room, and we will trim off the excess, rather than having a gap.

Vinyl Mural Installation
Installing vinyl murals on glass

Install too soon after painting

Paint requires time to cure.  During this time, gases are released from the paints that can work against the installed vinyl and cause it to fail and peel off.  The second thing that happens is that the paint has some time to harden.  This is important because when placing the film to ensure that it is straight, we will need to reposition it, which if the paint is not hardened can cause the paint to stick to the film and cause chips that can be seen under the finished installation.


Discuss with the painters the important role they play in the success of your vinyl mural.  They can plan accordingly.

Insure that the site is ready for vinyl mural installation

Dirt, dust and other contaminates can get under the material and cause failure, or flaws in the appearance.  Beware of manufacturers recommended installation temperatures, and make sure that the site is within those recommended temps.  Also make sure that you have made room for the installation.  A clean workspace of at least 3 feet from the wall will allow room to navigate, and allow for room for ladders etc.

Installs that are competing with other trades for space, and cleanliness is just asking for trouble.  Even though it might be a little bit of an inconvenience, allowing for the mural installation to be one of the last things that happen on a job site prior to funiture going in, will make for the best scenerio for the installers to have a successful installation.

Installing Vinyl Mural at Telus Spark

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