Store Fixture Installation

Store Fixture Installation

Whether it be a single fixture as part of a display, a digital sign incorporated into the display, or a whole store rollout of fixtures, you are in the right hands with CDN Crew Installations.  We understand "flat pack", or bespoke fixtures, and have the experience and patience to do it right the first time

We Install a wide variety of options Store Fixtures:
  • Temporary & Permanent Display Build
  • Branded Bay & Aisle construction
  • Gondola End Build
  • External Signage Erection
  • Interactive Display Installation
  • Floor & Window Graphic Installation
  • Digital POS Installation
  • De-Installation, Re-Siting and Re-Cycling
  • and more
Sephora NARS Cosmetic Fixture Installation

Retail Display Installation Solutions

POS Fixtures

POS Fixtures left in the hands of store VM's can be placed wrong, damages, or not executed properly.  We have the expertise to ensure that the display is executed the way it was intended.  In the right location, with the right products displayed, and properly maintained.

If you're looking to have your fixtures installed, look no futher.  We are here to help.


Store Fixture Installation Examples

Why CDN Crew Installations?


Our Crew have been installing large format graphics, store window displays, construction hoardings, store fixtures and the like for over 15 years.  We are available 24/7 for advise on projects, carry out site visits and install throughout Alberta and BC.  We have contacts across Canada, so if you are looking for a Canada wide rollout, we have the proven expertise to get it done - without excuses.

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