Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

CDN Crew is a subsidiary of the corporation 2359555 Alberta Inc.  When referring to CDN Crew, it is implied that we are referring to the corporation.


All quotes are valid for 30 days from the initial date of creation and may be subject to change after this period.

Quotes are produced on the basis that information supplied by the client regarding the project is current and accurate. If it is discovered during a project that production or installation methodology change due to incorrect, missing, or miscommunicated information, or site conditions not allowing proper and safe access, CDN Crew Installations reserves the right to notify the client in writing and charge relevant costs as appropriate prior to the change.

Any changes made to quantities, artwork, or specifications over the course of a project must be documented in writing, to which the client will be provided with an additional quotation for the extra work and approval must be sort prior to any additional work being started.  Also, out of scope items (including labour) that are deemed to be required upon arrival to successfully complete the project in the given timelines will be charged on a force account.  This force account will be the cost of the additional items, plus an administration/overhead charge.

Upon acceptance of a quote and by placing an order and/or approving a job to move to design/production, the client then enters into a contract of sale with CDN Crew Installations It will therefore be deemed that the client has read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions, whether this order is placed verbally or emailed. Quotes contain only the documented services and work that are to be carried out.

Where dispatch or delivery is required on a job, the quotation will include a price based on the approximate size and weight of the product, and the desired delivery address.

Quotations are for items listed only.  Client is responsible for preparing items for damage free shipping, plus all costs of getting materials to site.  Pickup and delivery is not implied and if it is not described in the quotation, then there will be additional costs to pick up and deliver materials to site.

Any quotation that has been supplied on a ‘manufacture only’ basis whereupon the client has supplied finished art, production documentation and files for manufacture, is subject to the integrity of the supplied documentation. Should it be discovered during production that any part of this documentation is incorrect for whatever reason is inappropriate for manufacture, the client will be notified and additional charges may be incurred. These charges may include (but are not restricted to): design fees required to fix supplied drawings and files, purchase of new/additional materials on top of those already purchased for the original build, additional labour costs, or in extreme cases new manufacture or installation costs where signs must be reproduced in their entirety.

Quoted pricing on installation is indicative only, and is subject to change based on site surveys, changes to methodology and quantities over the course of the project, on-site conditions during install and any other unforeseen conditions. Prices are based on a single site visit unless otherwise noted, and any additional visits required to finish work will be billed accordingly.

Site Surveys

Before commencement of a project or prior to quoting, a site survey may be required for more accurately determine installation/manufacture methodology and foresee potential installation issues. In such a scenario, the client will be notified, and a fee will be charged accordingly.

Where CDN Crew Installations have performed the site survey, CDN Crew Installations will assume responsibility for the accuracy of measurements. However, where surveys have been conducted by the client and/or any representatives or sub-contractor of the client, the client maintains responsibility for the accuracy of such and the subsequent effect on project work. Furthermore, any issues in design, manufacture or installation that arise from incorrectly supplied or miscommunicated site survey data is the responsibility of the client and additional fees will be incurred to rectify these issues.

Where a site survey conducted after initial quoting has uncovered unforeseen issues that adversely affect the design, manufacturing, or installation of the project and/or require additional engineering to ensure the structural integrity of the work, additional fees may be charged based on the current state and stage of work at CDN Crew Installations sole discretion.

Installation, Access, and Permits

CDN Crew Installations will notify the client in writing of when continued access will be required to the site in order to meet the required completion date for install. This does not mean that our installation will begin on this date, however the site will need to be in a ready state. If the client is unable to provide access to site by this date, CDN Crew Installations must be notified in writing and provisions must be made for either an extended completion date or after-hours work, which will incur additional fees.

A call will be made to inform the client of date and time of install.

If the client does not wish CDN Crew Installations to install the supplied signage or product, CDN Crew Installations is not liable for any losses incurred or failures due to: incorrectly installed components and/or signs; not-to-specification or failed footings/connections (where such has not been supplied by CDN Crew Installations), fixings or install methodology; damage to the sign, sign components, surrounding environment, vehicles, footpaths or any other infrastructure; costs associated with repairs and/or return trips required to rectify the work, including where a third party has been contracted to carry out the repairs; exceeded timeframe expectations where the deadline for the manufacturing component completed by CDN Crew Installations has been met; or misplaced or lost components, products or signs where all components, products or signs have been signed off on at dispatch.

If CDN Crew Installations is denied access to a site at a previously arranged and agreed-upon entry time,  or other factors like missing items, etc., the client will be charged in full for the lost labour and transportation time in addition to the installation costs involved with returning to finish the work. Where equipment has been hired, the client will also be responsible for the cost of the hire, and cost of re-hiring this equipment for the later installation time/date.

Where the installation environment has changed significantly from the site survey without CDN Crew Installations having been informed of the change, additional fees may be incurred where the expected installation method has had to change to suit the new environment. Where this requires additional engineering, equipment hire, changes to the footings/fixings/connections, or any rework to the sign or product itself, the completion date will be extended accordingly, CDN Crew Installations will not be responsible for any losses associated with the extended completion date.

Unless a previous arrangement has been made and agreed on in writing, all installations, maintenance work or repairs will be conducted during standard hours of operation (8.00am to 5pm, Monday to Friday). If work are required outside of these hours, provisions can be made for after-hours labour which may incur additional fees at CDN Crew Installations’s discretion. If delays occur on-site due to denied access or lack of site readiness and the work continue after hours, additional fees may be incurred at CDN Crew Installations’ discretion. CDN Crew Installations are under no obligation to extend working hours if these additional fees are rejected where a delay in work has been caused by the client.

All CDN Crew Installations’ installers sent to site will have the appropriate cards, permits and licenses to operate the required equipment and perform the installation work.

CDN Crew Installations does not take responsibility for on-site factors outside of our control and the effect these may have on the completion date. This includes but is not limited to: inclement weather, strikes, industrial action or the involvement of other contractors/companies not associated with CDN Crew Installations. Although we try to take all such factors into account when booking work, it is not always possible to predict what may happen. In these scenarios, an alternative date and time for work will be negotiated between CDN Crew Installations and the client in a way that satisfies both parties.

It is very important that our technicians are able to have a successful installation, so we require that the sites be ready for us, and that the space is clean, with proper access to installation spaces.  We also require that there be running water, and available toilets and / or portable toilets on site.

Proofs and Shop Drawings

The client agrees to supply CDN Crew Installations with elevations, and instructions for placement of all items to be installed.  These should include all information to help the technicians to have a successful installation.  This includes, but is not limited to, the substrate of the installation location, the height and overall location instructions, and any unusual conditions that might be experienced on site.

The client agrees to warrant that all artwork, designs and photographs or any other content supplied to CDN Crew Installations for use in or on any work ordered through the company has all necessary licensing and/or owned intellectual property rights, or permission has been sought for the specific use on such work from the license holder. Furthermore, any breaches in copyright or other relevant intellectual property rights arising through any such content supplied to CDN Crew Installations for use is the sole responsibility of the client, who agrees to indemnify CDN Crew Installations against any action taken for losses suffered in connection with such a breach.

It is the client’s responsibility to thoroughly check the supplied artwork proofs and specifications before production approval is given. CDN Crew Installations endeavours to ensure all artwork and specifications are correct, however sometimes errors do occur. If there are any errors, or if there is any ambiguity about a specification, this must be clarified or rectified before final approval is given. Once this approval has been given, the work will be produced and installed as per the drawings and any changes after this point will incur additional fees, where a final product does not match the approved drawings, CDN Crew Installations will rectify the issue at no charge.  In the case where proper instructions are not provided, the cost of rectifying the mistake will be the cost of the client.

Unless agreed to in writing, all materials, drawings, sketches, photographs, designs and production files remain the property of CDN Crew Installations until paid for in full.

Payment, Late Payments, and Unpaid Projects

For all new clients and clients without an account with CDN Crew Installations, payment in advance is required for all work requested.

All accounts will be given a credit limit.  It is the at the discretion of CDN Crew Installations accounting department to review this from time to time.  If the cost of an upcoming project will bring the client’s account above the credit limit, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that payment arrangements have been made prior to the commencement of the project.

All invoices must be paid in full within thirty days. This timeframe is inclusive of weekends and public holidays.

CDN Crew Installations reserves the right to suspend any work and extend the previously agreed completion date until any outstanding invoices have been paid.

Any work already produced for an unpaid project including but not limited to designs and artwork, engineering, manufactured components, and fully completed signs, remain the property of CDN Crew Installations until such time as all associated costs have been paid in full.

Cancellation and Termination

CDN Crew Installations reserves the right to terminate this agreement and permanently suspend work where the client has been found to be in breach of the terms. Where such a breach is discovered, the client will be provided with written notification of the nature of the breach and resolution terms, and will be given ten business days to remedy the situation to CDN Crew Installations satisfaction.

In such a case where a project is prematurely terminated by CDN Crew Installations, the client will be invoiced for any and all labour, material and hire costs associated with work already performed for the project. Failure to pay this invoice within the thirty-day timeframe will result in legal action.

Deposits paid toward the cancelled project will be taken into account and remaining costs will be applied to the invoice accordingly.

If the Client wishes to dispute the invoiced amount or any charge that appears on the invoice, this must be communicated in writing within five business days of receipt of invoice, with full details of the dispute. A notice of receipt will be sent via Email within forty-eight hours, from which point there are thirty days to negotiate a satisfactory resolution.

If no resolution can be reached during this period, either party may commence legal proceedings.

Any current dispute regarding an invoice or invoices does not entitle the client to withhold, deduct from or otherwise delay payment on any other outstanding invoices. If a dispute is related to only a subsection of an invoice, the client is not entitled to withhold payment on the remaining balance due.