Vinyl Graphic Installation in Calgary: How to Find the Best One for Your Project

Need help with vinyl graphic installation in Calgary? Get the job done right by choosing the perfect installer for your needs. Learn how to pick one here!

hiring an installation subcontractor in canada

What is a Subcontractor?

A subcontractor is typically defined as someone who’s hired for a project by a contractor instead of directly from the client. Printers, sign companies and contractors often hire subcontractors to perform specialized work. These companies often produce the materials, but may lack the staff to take the project to completion. They’ll also usually be in charge of managing the entire project and making sure everyone is completing their tasks on time and correctly. In contrast, installation subcontractors often stick to working on a specific portion of a project.

Instead of speaking with the client directly, the subcontractor communicates with the printer or sign company. A subcontractor will also work on a contract basis. Though the contractor and subcontractor draw up contracts with each other, it’s important to note that subcontractors aren’t employees of their clien. Since a subcontractor isn’t a direct employee, they legally operate as an independent business.

How to find Great Installation Subcontractors for your Project?

There may be times when your trusted installation subcontractor isn’t available, or you’re looking for new talent. As a result, you may need to find new subcontractors you can do business with. Since a subcontractor will be responsible for the completion of different parts of your project, you want to hire a group who has the expertise and professionalism to get the job done right.

Check out some of the following tips for finding reputable subcontractors in your area:


The first group of people you should talk to is your friends and contacts in the print and advertising industry. Those in the industry are likely aware of installation subcontractors with good reputations and can steer you in the right direction. They can also help you evaluate the differences between competing subcontractors, helping you select a team that’s not just serviceable, but exceptional. Keep in mind that competitors in your industry may not be willing to give you information on subcontractors they regularly use.


If you’re looking for a subcontractor for a specific application, you may be able to find a recommendation by talking to relevant wholesalers or specialty suppliers. For example, if you need a vinyl installer subcontractor, you could connect with a vinyl supplier for recommendations of subcontractors they are familiar with or that they know others use. Since these businesses often provide subcontractors with materials, they may have some recommendations for who to work with. This could be especially useful when looking for a subcontractor who is experienced with a less common material or task.


A great resource for finding local installation subcontractors is browsing social media groups and message boards. These groups and message boards will likely have recommendations about local subcontractors or answers to common questions about the area’s workforce. You can even post on these sites asking about available subcontractors. There’s a chance other users will give you some tips or other relevant information on your post.


You may also want to get in contact with subcontractors you’re currently working with or have worked with in the past. They often know about other subcontractors in their industry, especially if they’ve worked alongside them previously. To avoid making it sound like you’re trying to find a subcontractor to replace them, keep your questions information oriented and aim to ask about subcontractors in a different specialty.  


There are plenty of websites available to find subcontractors online. You can usually find listings for subcontractors on sites like Google, Kijijji, LinkedIn and more. You can also go on job boards like Indeed to advertise for help, as often subcontractors use sites like this to see who’s looking for help.

Hiring Vinyl Graphic Installation Subcontractors the Right Way

Once you’ve narrowed down some of the top subcontractors in your area, you can move forward with the hiring process. There are a few different actions you can take to hire subcontractors the right way. Some of these actions include communicating the subcontractor’s responsibilities, doing your homework on the potential subcontractor and ensuring any subcontractor you hire will sign a contract. Find out more about hiring subcontractors in the most optimal way below:


Before you hire any subcontractors, you should know what you need them to do for your project. Start by crafting a scope of work that shows what tasks you’ll need the subcontractor to accomplish. You should include written specifications and drawn plans to help you narrow down the type of work a subcontractor will perform. You can also put together a schedule to make sure any subcontractor you hire has the ability to complete the job on time. It’s important to state what will not be the subcontractor’s responsibility to ensure the scope of work is clearly defined.


If you’re accepting bids from subcontractors, it’s best to have them all bid in a similar way and in the same format. Before you review bids, establish a procedure that only allows bids from subcontractors who have the correct licenses and insurance. This can help you identify qualified candidates who already have the necessary protections.

Installation Subcontractor


Installation Subcontractors can  really help your company under the right circumstances.  BUT BEWARE, because there are a number of things that put you at risk.  Finding the right fit for your company does not need to be too complicated.  The print industry is a relatively small community, and by working together it can become a network of companies working together to help each other.  Reach out to colleagues, suppliers and contractors that you work with.  This can help you find the right fit when you are looking for specialty help.

Why CDN Crew Installations?


Our Crew have been installing large format graphics, store window displays, construction hoardings, store fixtures and the like for over 15 years.  We are available 24/7 for advise on projects, carry out site visits and install throughout Alberta and BC.  We have contacts across Canada, so if you are looking for a Canada wide rollout, we have the proven expertise to get it done – without excuses.


We work when you work. Need advise, give us a call. Need it installed today? We will figure it out. We work days, nights, week days, weekends. Need one installer, or need 10, we’ve got the bandwidth to get it done!

Canada Wide Rollouts

Although our main crew is in Alberta and BC, we have trustworthy partners throughout Canada. We have proven experience in Canada wide projects, so reachout today to find out more.

Driven by Innovations

Driven by innovation in processes, materials and technology. We don’t rest on our laurels. We continue to learn every day, and are happy to be supported by our collegues and suppliers.

Competitive Rates

We are very competitive with our rates. This can be acheived though our management skills, innovative processes, and the understanding that a true partner creates a win win scenario. Need it to fit a skinny budget? We can always find a way to make it work.

Comprehensive Warranty

We’ve never thought ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ was the most inspiring phrase. We’d like you to be satisfied of course, but we’d prefer it if you were absolutely thrilled beyond words with your installation. We take great pride in our work, and we want you to feel the same about yours. So, even for the tiniest issues, we’ll move heaven and earth to make sure you get exactly what you want – or we’ll make it right!

Respectful & Reliable

It seems like this should be obvious, however this industry is full of excuses. We take pride in our strict safety policies, our inclusive philosophy and our strong workplace standards.
We are representing you, and your company, often times to people you haven’t met. We want them to rave about us, so you can rave about us.

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