Wall Mural Installation

Wall Mural Installation

A Wall Mural Installation is one of the best branding opportunities for offices, retailers, hospitality industries and more. There are no boundaries to creativity when designing wall wraps: large areas are perfect for letting loose our imagination and taking your brand, values, product images or historical data to create a dynamic and inspirational visual setting that makes people smile, work harder and remember your company! Printed wall graphics are relevant to all sectors of business, from commercial, hospitality to educational and healthcare.

We Install wall murals in a wide range of spaces, including:
  • Office Entrances
  • Boardrooms
  • Stairwells
  • Hallways
  • Museums
  • Restaraunts
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • and more
Calgary Bird Sancutary Wall Mural 1

Creative Interior Wall Mural Installation Solutions

Bespoke Designs

Wall murals can inform your guests  about almost anything that want them to know about.  Gone are the days of thinking  in rectanglees.  We  have installed on anglesd walls, bulkheads, and panelled walls.  We have installed 45 foot high designs in convention centres, and smaller designs in art galleries.

These murals are scrutinized by all who see them, so don't trust your work of art to just anyone.  CDN Crew Installations have the expertise to get it done right - Guaranteed.


Minimum Disruption to Install

Wall Murals

Wall murals and wraps install is quick with little mess and no noise. We may need to use a heat gun if applying the vinyl to a textured brick wall, but for flat surfaces, only a squeegee is necessary. It is worth noting that the wall must have been painted for a least 5 days before we apply the graphic as soft or paint with moisture will affect the adhesive. Never use paints that have stain repellent technology, as it will prevent the graphics from adhering (eg. bathroom or kitchen style paints. We highly recommend that an adhesion test is completed before production starts on the graphics, which can be easily organised by us prior to production.

3M Vinyl Wall Mural Installation

Wall Mural Installation Examples

Why CDN Crew Installations?


Our Crew have been installing large format graphics, store window displays, construction hoardings, store fixtures and the like for over 15 years.  We are available 24/7 for advise on projects, carry out site visits and install throughout Alberta and BC.  We have contacts across Canada, so if you are looking for a Canada wide rollout, we have the proven expertise to get it done - without excuses.

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